Friday, April 14, 2006

Squid Adobo

Back in the islands, this is the typical adobong pusit, but of course we all have our improvized versions, and this is one of mine. As today is Good Friday, this is a great dish to prepare--- simple, yet enjoyable. The local Migros shop had these giant squids at their seafood counter, a rarity around here, but much appreciated by the likes of me. So i purchased four pieces, washed them, removing the head from the mantle or tube and squeezed to discard its hard beak, then i removed the gladius (that plastic like thing), and cut the mantle into pieces, washed again, and put aside. Then i chopped some garlic, ginger, and onions, sautéed those in spicy olive oil (hubby dipped a few chilies/garlic in a bottle and kept it for weeks and months), added two dried bay leaves, then added the squids, some soy sauce, patis (fish sauce), and freshly grated pepper. I added also a dash of rock salt and brown sugar, dried chili, then mixed them gently, and lastly, a few drops of vinegar. Mixing again, i let it simmer in the pot for a good half hour and till the sauce was thick enough, and inspite of what experts say about cooking it quickly so it stays soft and tender, this one turned out just fine, tender and tasty. It goes perfect with warm perfume rice, the spicy taste of the olive oil lingering in your mouth for just a little bit longer. *note: i don't necessarily have a particular measuring amount used for the ingredients that go into the dish, like salt, pepper, soy sauce, etc., one just gets a feel for these things after a while.


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