Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Tennis Side of a Bay Leaf

Our club opened last Saturday for the new season with an apero and it was a gorgeous, sunny day. As i stood there looking down at those four clay courts, it gave me a warm familiar feeling and it brought back a lot of good memories. My husband and i have been members here since seven years and i've played Interclub the last two seasons. Prior to that I ran the club resto for two seasons, an experience i enjoyed (so did the club members and guests) but it gave me less time to play. The club is open from April till early October. Interclub is played on the weekends of May and June.
I started playing the game way back in the Philippines when i was in college, but since i've lived here, i've taken a couple of lessons to improve my technique. It's a pity i played it on and off in the past. But since we've become members here, i play more regularly now. I may be older, but i've improved my game and i'm enjoying it more. Participating in tournaments has also given me some court experience especially in singles matches. So long as the body is still able and my legs can run, then i got the will to play. With pleasure! :)


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