Tuesday, July 18, 2006


whoah! can't believe i haven't made an entry here in almost 3 months. but that just tells you how 'busy' i've been. work and life in general was hectic lately, sometimes i wish i only worked 80% instead of 100. I'd click my heels if i had Mondays off. wishful thinking. not in my current job.
we have also changed flats end of May, so the whole moving process took it's toll. no fun there coming back from the office after 5, packing up, loading it into the car, (going down from the third floor), driving to new abode, bringing up to the new digs (up the stairs) unloading...my husband and i have been doing this for 10 nights in a row before we made the major move with 2 men and a big van, who took care of the heavier things, but we were still helping, needless to say. i was dreaming of wellness spa, massages...we were totally knackered. but that's now a thing of the past, we are now the proud owners of a beautiful apartment 7 kilometers from the town proper and the view is just gorgeous... :)
on top of that, the month of May and June was Interclub season, so i played tennis with my team, won 1 and lost 1 doubles match, but won my 2 singles matches. we were top in our group (5 teams) winning 42 sets and losing 22. i wasn't around during the 'Einstiegspiel' but heard from my teammates that they lost so we stay in the same category next season. in between, i was following the men's tour on tv. too bad Roger Federer lost in the finals of Roland Garros, but i am thrilled that he got a 4th Wimbledon title, and beat Nadal, his nemesis. I would have expected nothing less, it's his turf, after all. i still hope that someday he'll win Paris, the only Slam he hasn't won to date.


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