Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Food Meme...

i've hijacked this from here, and here's mine:

how do you like your eggs? soft boiled
how do you take your coffee? with a little cream and little brown sugar
favorite breakfast: first things first, a hot cup of coffee, followed by a slice of bread with butter and confiteur, and if i'm really hungry, then birchermuesli, fruit, orange juice
peanut butter: coarse
what kind of dressing on your salad? Italian
coke or pepsi? coke
you're feeling lazy, what do you make? slice of bread topped with mayonnaise, then cold cuts
you feel like cooking, what do you make? depends on my mood or what i have in my fridge
do any food bring back good memories? sure!
do any food bring back bad memories? yes, but i have a short memory so i forget! ;)
do any food remind you of someone? mostly family...
is there a food you refuse to eat? anything with innards used.
what was your favorite food as a child? macaroni swimming on milk sauce with chicken bits and carrots
is there food you hated as a child but like it now? vegetables, tomatoes...
favorite food and vegetable: fish, asparagus
favorite junk food: tortilla chips
favorite between meal snacks: chocolate
do you have any weird food habits: when i was a kid i removed the siopao filling and ate only the dough.
you're on a diet, what food do you fill up on? salad with Italian sauce, a slice of brown bread, fruit
how spicy do you order Thai or Indian? i can eat spicy food, no problem as long as it's not too extreme.
can i get you a drink: San Pellegrino
red or white wine?
we only have beer: Heiniken
fave dessert? anything with chocolate
fave nightcap? grappa


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