Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Livin' It Up!

The hubby and i celebrated our anniversary this month and what better way than to splurge and feast on lobsters! Actually a friend of mine knows someone who supplies the food industry here and she ordered a dozen for me. My husband picked them up from the hotel where they were delivered and brought home, all 12 still alive in the styrofoam box. poor guys, i had a bad conscience putting them in the boiling water and i had to ask for their forgiveness over and over! :( I remember my mother used to cook live crabs as well, but needless to say, the lobsters really tasted so good, i prepared 4 different dips (herb butter with lemon, curry, thousand island and chili) had potato salad on the side as well as saffron rice, an extra portion of green salad, and for starters i made some mussels cooked mediterranean style. splurge indeed, and with a bottle of chardonnay to whet the tastebuds, our 4 guests were more than content!


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