Monday, September 18, 2006

My Federer Moment

If you're a real fan of tennis, how could you not admire this guy's accomplishments in the history of the sport? By winning the US Open for the 3rd consecutive year, Roger Federer is the only player to win Wimbledon and the US Open back to back three times in a row! He has become the first man in the Open Era to win three slams in a season more than once, he has won 9 Grand Slam singles titles putting himself ahead of players like Agassi, Lendl and Connors who have 8 apiece, and Roger has become the first man in the Open Era since Rod Laver to reach all four Grand Slam finals in one calendar year. Can't get any sweeter than that. What a guy. I hope one day he can win the French Open.

Pichi Pichi

another first time...i know it looks a bit like palitaw in this pic, but needless to say, the end product was how i imagined it to taste like, and i was transported again to my native land...i used real cassava on this one, peeled and cut into small pieces then off it went to my mixer, i had about two cups of them, mixed with sugar, lihiya and water, then steamed it. as soon as it was cool enough, i formed them into small pieces and rolled it on grated coconut. next time i'll try to mix it with pandan water and make small portions. well, it was a taste of home and it gave me pleasure to make it from scratch.